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About us

We don't wait for the future. We create it.

The main guiding principle of all our companies is innovation. We are actively building a sustainable future by placing every project of our companies into the forefront of innovative thinking. We choose our investments within the same frame.

WeRealize in Numbers

Participation in
8 Companies &
3 Funds
750 Employees
throughout the group
Presence in
24 Countries
The Group

The Group

We turn innovative thinking into reality

In WeRealize we believe that future depends in innovation. Growth in boldness. Success in to consistency and persistence. And we constantly prove this in practice. We are the first Group of Greek companies of which a member, Viva Wallet, holds the title of “Unicorn”, with a valuation of $2 billion.


At the same time, with our company, we are leading the entertainment  ticketing market in Greece. Furthermore, WeRealize participates within 6 more companies, invests in 3 venture capitals.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Innovation and Consistency. Our gratest values

We are constantly oriented in the development of a productive ecosystem of start-ups with a key focus on technology companies.


The start up leaders of tomorrow is our choice. We invest in them with a long-term prospective, supporting their development, keeping faith in their capabilities and in the vision of their founders and executives.


We believe in people’s talent and we constantly trying to contribute the most to its exploitation and development. The relationships with the companies we invest in, their founders and their people are relationships based on honesty, trust and transparency.